What’s BringSpark all about?

BringSparkWebBringSpark’s mission is to help bring you the sparks that will ignite your success and passion in life. Whether you’re looking to improve your private or professional success, your relationships (or lack thereof) or yourself as a person – this site will offer talks, insights and inspiration from some of the greatest experts, thinkers and doers in these areas and more.

Our immediate goal is to help as many people as possible live the life they want, the way they want to live it, and our long-term goal is to use BringSpark’s profits from our wonderful Premium Members to bring new thinking and fresh insights for free to schools and young people all over the world.


BringSpark’s mission statements:

We will inspire you to create the life that you truly want for yourself, and live it your way.

We will bring you the words of men and women who have such powerful insights that simply hearing them speak will spark the changes that you desire.

We will always bring you a variety of advice, insights and knowledge. We do not believe that any one “guru” has all the answers for everyone out there, but rather that different people will experience different insights from different teachers, that still might lead to the same level of achievement.

We will offer to you a network of like-minded people in different phases of their lives with whom you can interact through the comment sections on our website.

We will always be a fresh source of new thoughts, knowledge and inspiration, and aim to have more than enough of it for you to find what you are looking for to move forward to the next level, whatever you’ve chosen for that to be.


TJ Guttormsen. Coach, author and founder of BringSpark.

TJ Guttormsen.
Coach, author and founder of BringSpark.

So who’s the guy in all the videos?

Our founder.

The guy in all the videos asking the questions is TJ Guttormsen. He’s spent the last decade studying human behavior and psychology, and has worked as a highly acclaimed public speaker, mental trainer, coach and author in the self-help industry for many years. With a degree in psychology as well as a masters in education, his greatest desire is to help people find the knowledge and insights they need to create the life they want.

TJ decided to create BringSpark as part of this desire, and works relentlessly to create the best content possible for everyone who stops by this site.


TJ Guttormsen & the BringSpark crew.