Ankush Jain talks about how to deal with emotions.

AnkushJainAnkush Jain is a transformative coach and state of mind practitioner from the UK. Through his journey through the world of self-development he’s experienced and tested most of what is on offer, and is a very insightful and skilled coach.

In our talk we cover, among other things, the following topics:

  • Negative emotions, what are they – and how can we best deal with them?
  • The difference between the classic application based coaching and the implication based.
  • What are your emotions really telling you?
  • How well do your feelings predict the future, and what are their true purpose?
  • Why negative emotions like fear and anger really aren’t a problem.
  • How understanding all of this will make you more courageous.
  • How you can self-correct quickly when you’re reacting in non-ideal ways.
  • And how all of this will influence your life at large.

Check out the video, and head over to to see what else Ankush has to offer!

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