Brent Smith talks about lifestyle design.

Brent SmithBrent Smith’s expertise includes self-development and lifestyle. He has worked with thousands of clients over the years ranging from politicians to celebrities to entrepreneurs, in the art of designing a lifestyle that naturally attracts the best that life has to offer.

Brent works with a whole range of clients, but is perhaps best known for working with high-end and high-value clients who want to change or improve their lifestyle. After meeting him a couple of years ago, I realized that he wasn’t only a great coach – but that he also lives the lifestyle he teaches, so he was an obvious person to interview for this site.

In this video, Brent and I discuss:

  • Lifestyle advice on how to look at your own life.
  • How your choices, and the way you take responsibility for them, creates your life.
  • Why people mistakenly think that life is complicated.
  • How Brent figures out what his clients need, and how to get them there.
  • The importance of building a relationship with yourself.
  • How Brent finds his high-end clients by leveraging social skills.
  • The importance of creating a great story and adding value.
  • How social skills can bring you business success.
  • How Brent helps large corporations evolve and grow.
  • How to be in constant innovation mode and reach your next level fast.
  • Why your habits are important, and how to take control of them.
  • And lots more.

This interview has a lot of great content, so enjoy!

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