Joe Bailey, the resilience and happiness trainer.

Joe BaileyJoe Bailey’s life purpose is to help people find true happiness and peace of mind. Towards this end, he studied psychology at the undergraduate and graduate levels, eventually becoming a licensed psychologist. But at the age of 33, he started moving in a slighty new direction.

For the past thirty years, Joe’s desire to understand the connection between the psychological, physical and spiritual facets of human beings has pulled him into a deeper understanding of the whole person and away from the current fragmented view.  His search led to a health-based approach to counseling, prevention programs, workplace wellness and the attainment of a personal life of peace, joy and fulfillment for all people.

In our talk, Joe talks about

  • How and why he moved from being a clinical psychologist to teaching “The 3 Principles”.
  • The one thing Joe always tries to achieve with his clients.
  • How to find the inspiration to follow your dreams.
  • His work with addicts, and how to treat the underlying cause in stead of the symptoms.
  • The idea of doing less to make something happen, in order to allow it to happen.
  • What the inside-out understanding is really all about.


Ps: We apologize for the somewhat choppy audio, there was a problem with our connection that we didn’t notice during our talk. We’re working to ensure it won’t happen again.

Visit Joe’s website here.

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  1. Even w the choppy audio, Joe’s message comes through beautifully. I especially gravitate toward Joe’s teachings because of his heart-felt, calm and detailed method of relating and speaking. There’s something about Joe that resonates for me more so than any of the other ‘The 3 Principles’ teachers. Maybe it’s something as simple as, my ability to process is simply in sync with his methodology…

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