John Litchenberg, the BDSM instructor.

JohnLitchenbergJohn Litchenberg is an Erotic Dominance teacher, who not only teaches the art of dominance, but mindsets and communication skills that are crucial to establishing great relationships and living life your way. You should really check this out, because we love the fact that we did!

We first met John many years ago in Las Vegas, and sat in on his talk at a workshop we were teaching at mostly out of curiosity. Curiosity turned to interest and interest led to new knowledge. What John has to share, in his own playful but firm way is worth learning more about for anyone – wether BDSM is something you’re interested in or not.

In our talk, we discuss:

  • John’s personal story and how he ended up doing what he’s doing.
  • What BDSM really is, and why you should learn more about it.
  • Creating trust and safe containers in relationships.
  • Recognizing when someone submits to you.
  • How to know what you really want – and what it means to know.
  • The art of feeling into your partner.
  • Aftercare and responsibility – being a care taker.
  • The role of playfulness.

PS: We’re sorry about the choppy sound in the beginning of the interview, but on the bright side, it only lasts a minute or two:)

Go check out John’s page at

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