Jordan Harbinger has over 1 million fans.

Jordan HarbingerWebJordan Harbinger is the founder and host of the wildly popular podcast The Art of Charm. The podcast has over 1.3 million listeners from over 190 countries, and covers topics within life, love and work – in this interview, Jordan shares the secrets of their success.

Jordan Harbinger started out in the world of dating and seduction, but quickly realized that in stead of focusing on tricks or methods to “pick up” potential partners, a much better way to approach life was to build an awesome one. Together with his business partner AJ he founded The Art of Charm podcast, where they talk about topics related to lifestyle, love and business, and the podcast has grown to become one of the worlds biggest shows.

Now, his show has over a million listeners, and each episode feature a leading expert on the topic of the week. Through conversations, stories and questions Jordan brings out the best information and knowledge that his guests have, in an entertaining way.

In our free talk, Jordan tells us about:

  • How he keeps the podcast going – and where he finds his guests.
  • What sets his show apart from all the other ones out there.
  • Jordan’s personal story – and the TWO times he got kidnapped.
  • His frequent travels to North Korea.
  • How he created all these opportunities and experiences.
  • How the podcast came to be.
  • What it takes to build a 1 million+ following.
  • How to create a great podcast and build an audience.
  • What educational shows in particular need in order to succeed.
  • And Jordan’s top advice for starting your own successful business.

This interview is one of my favorites! Enjoy!

Done watching? Head over to iTunes to check out Jordan’s podcast, or visit to listen to it on your computer.

Also, if you want to go visit North Korea, here’s your way to get there:, have a nice trip! 😉

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