Madison Missina – the Pornstar Sex Therapist

MadisonMissinaMadison Missina is not only a multi award winning Australian Pornstar, she is also a Sex Therapist, Activist, Writer and Public Speaker. With over 14 years navigating the stigmatized world of the sex industry Madison is now sharing her unique perspectives on the world and living life on your own terms.

With a passion for tackling the hard topics of Porn Literacy with teenagers, safe sex education and performers choice for condom use in Porn. She is also involved in a lot of activism challenging the negative sterotypes of the sex industry that is depicted in the society.

We first met Madison while teaching at a conference in the US a few years ago, and her talk on relationships and life was the best speech we heard so we were very excited that she wanted to do an interview with us here at BringSpark. In the free interview we talk, among other things, about:

  • Madison’s story and how she ended up where she is.
  • Her work in schools, teaching high schoolers about sex and safety.
  • How to deal with those who want to judge you.
  • Conflict resolution – how to find the common ground and work from there.
  • How life is a projection of your thinking, and how this knowledge helps us.
  • How to deal with adversity in your life.
  • The power of the great darkness.
  • Madison’s big awakening.
  • And how to create the relationships that we want in our lives.

Check out Madison’s twitter here, and her website.

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