Survivalist author Piero San Giorgio

Piero San GiorgioHave you ever wondered how well you would do in a crisis? If there was a natural disaster, if your house burned down, if the zombies attacked? Okay, maybe zombies is taking it a bit too far, but best-selling author Piero San Giorgio has some of the answers for the other scenarios in this interview.

In this interview, Piero shares some of his best tips from his best-selling book “Survive The Economic Collapse” on how to start working on your survival skills. Wether you believe that we’re heading for a major change/crisis, or you just want to know that you’ll be able to keep yourself (and your family) safe if anything bad happens, you should check out this interview!

Some of the topics we discuss are:

  • Giorgio’s move from the corporate world to a best-selling author of survivalism.
  • What survival skills should people have?
  • Where and how can you start to develop these skills?
  • Should you be a specialist, or know a little about everything?
  • Your first steps towards learning more independence and survival skills.
  • How easily available the necessary training is to you.


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