Stephen “Bravo” Grosch teaches pick-up and survival.

Stephen GroschStephen “Bravo” Grosch is a man with many talents. Starting out as a weapons- and self-defence trainer, he moved into the world of social dynamics and seduction. Today he teaches men how to be Men, and has thousands of followers who named themselves “the Bravohood”.

I have taught at many workshops and conferences in several countries, and met a lot of trainers, coaches and gurus. Most of them are good people, some of them are not – and yet others are truly and genuinely authentic. “Bravo” is one of those teachers that are always looking to connect with people, regardless of who they are. He has a genuine desire to help if he can, but never imposes his advice on anyone who doesn’t ask. I sat down with him on Skype, and we ended up talking for over an hour.

In the free portion of the interview, we talk about:

  • Stephen’s story, from teaching guns and tactical training, to teaching seduction.
  • The importance of learning actual skills rather than faking them.
  • The difference between practice and training – and real life situations.
  • How his previous experience with self-defense and tactical training helped him get better with women.
  • The all-important OODA-loop.
  • How to start to better read and understand what’s going on around you.
  • What is a true Alpha Male, and why is it good to be one?
  • How can you become much more secure in yourself as a person?
  • The “Bravohood” – how his community with thousands of followers came to be.
  • His top advice on how to be more confident with yourself and with women.

If you’re interested in joining his “Bravohood”, or finding more information about Stephen and what he teaches, go visit

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