Wendy Defever – the Mind and Body Expert

Wendy DefeverWendy Defever is the creator of the Female Health Motivation group which has almost 130 000 followers from around the world. She works with women to help them get in better shape and improve their health – but she also helps them create better habits in both life and business.

Wendy has a degree in psychology, she’s a sports nutrition coach, a public speaker, an author and a world traveller – and her teachings have changed the lives and health of thousands of people around the world.

In our talk, Wendy takes us through her process of how she helps her clients, what the most important things to focus on when making change in your life is, and lots more. She also reveals to us what her next big project is, and what her next book will be all about!

More specifically, we talk about:

  • Wendy’s story.
  • How nutrition, health and business is connected.
  • Why 130 000 people are attracted to Wendy’s health business.
  • Why it’s crucial to work on your mindset before anything else.
  • Creating the right habits.
  • The three things to focus on to change your life.
  • How Wendy helps people from the idea of wanting “a hot body” to making actual life changes.
  • How to discover true motivation.
  • The similarities between building a healthy life and body – and a healthy business.
  • The main things to focus on if you want to create an online business.
  • And how Wendy ended up with a 130 000 strong following.

PS: We’re sorry about the choppy audio at times, but it’s mostly when TJ is speaking, so you won’t miss out on the good stuff from Wendy;)

Check out Wendy and her work on social media: The Facebook group Female Health Motivation Her instagram.

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